Artwork For Sale

In this gallery you will find some of my paintings that are currently available for sale. As said in my introduction page, my work is inspired by the very essence of what constructs our landscape - water, rocks, climate. Each piece is a bit of me and my intuitive reaction to what I witness at a given point in time, or an image created by my thoughts which are then related back to my intense sense of belonging to the west highlands of Scotland. They also endeavour to convey the insignificance of humanity relative to the power of the forces that create our world. I also seek out and like to include a 'human footprint' in the pieces I create...often it is so small as to be barely there..........................

If you are interested in my work there are prices attached to each piece and I would be happy for you to contact me if you would like more information about any given piece, my working process, or indeed if you wished to visit me at my studio to see my work 'in the flesh'.

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